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Toilet that needs repair from Houston commercial plumber
Talk to your Houston commercial plumber about running toilets in your building.

If you’re a property manager in Houston, it’s important to understand when to call a qualified Houston commercial plumber. Running toilets can be annoying, but they also waste a lot of water and money. So, it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll help you understand what a running toilet is, how you can fix the running toilet, and when to seek help from an experienced plumber. 

What Are Running Toilets? 

Running toilets are toilets that are constantly filling with water. Usually, it means the water in the bowl is actually going down the drain even though no one is flushing the toilet. Less often, it may be filling the tank continuously and the excess water is draining through the overflow drain.

A running toilet is a fairly common problem in commercial buildings and can quickly become wasteful and expensive. That’s why having your Houston commercial plumber fix the problem is worth the time and effort. Running toilets happen when parts of the toilet are faulty or broken. The most common causes of running toilets include: 

  • A very short overflow tube 
  • Faulty flush valves 
  • Leaky fill valves 
  • A faulty or broken toilet handle 

Why Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber for Running Toilets 

As a property manager in Houston, investing in a professional and credible Houston commercial plumber is quite important. Plumbers offer knowledge and experience about your commercial plumbing systems that will come in handy in situations like running toilets. 

Most Tenants Don’t Know a Thing About Running Toilets 

Do toilet leaks always cause noise? Are those normal sounds? Some tenants are simply unaware of their toilet leak’s existence. And what makes the matter more confusing is that some toilet leaks might appear for a short time, seemingly stop running, and then start again. 

Calling your Houston commercial plumbing contractor to conduct routine maintenance and have a site-wide toilet inspection is not a bad idea. Getting help from a commercial plumber will help you spot the running toilets and fix the leaks quickly. 

Running Toilets Increase Water Bills 

Are you overpaying your commercial water bills due to unidentified toilet leaks? According to an EPA report, household leaks account for about 1 trillion gallons of water annually, and toilet leaks are one of the major causes of water wasted through leaks. Couple that with the fact that water bills can significantly increase due to running toilets. 

When dealing with commercial or apartment buildings, it’s often easy for building owners to overpay water bills without realizing it. After all, water bills for large buildings routinely run in the thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, most tenants rarely report leaks, and sometimes they’re often completely unaware of the existence of the leaks. 

One in five toilets experiences leaks. That said, having your Houston commercial plumber on standby for routine checks can help you avoid astronomical drain on profits. 

A Houston Commercial Plumber has Knowledge, Experience, and Licensing 

One of the best reasons why you should call your Houston commercial plumber is that professional commercial plumbers have the specialized knowledge and experience that come with acquiring a license. 

Becoming a licensed plumber not only requires classroom training but also involves lots of hours of hands-on experience. Choosing a licensed commercial plumber will give you peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is being handled by experts. You can also avoid improper maintenance and repairs that can result in more disasters. 

How Your Houston Commercial Plumber Fixes Running Toilets 

A commercial plumber can easily fix a constantly running toilet, but the process can be challenging to a beginner with no plumbing experience. How the plumber fixes a running toilet solely depends on the cause of the running toilet. 

Fixing a Faulty Overflow Tube 

The overflow tube is the hollow tube connecting to the toilet’s flush valve. It prevents water from overflowing from the toilet tank. Several reasons allow water to flow into the overflow tube causing the toilet to run, so the plumber has to identify the cause. 

Check water level: Ideally, the water level in the toilet tank should always remain below the fill valve and overflow tube to prevent continuous water flow into the tank. If the water is not running through the toilet’s overflow tube, the problem is likely with the flush valve. 

Adjust the float cup or float rod: This will help adjust the water level in the toilet tank. If the water continues to overflow after adjusting the float cup or the float rod, the issue might be the fill valve. 

Check on the height of the overflow tube: If the overflow tube is too short, it won’t prevent water from overflowing into the toilet tank and through the overflow tube. If your overflow tube is too short, the only way to fix it is by replacing it with a compatible one. 

Fixing a Faulty Flush Valve 

The toilet flush valve opens the flapper to allow water to flow into the bowl when the toilet is flushed and then closes the flapper when the tank is empty to allow refill. If the running toilet is caused by a faulty flush valve, here’s what the plumber will do: 

Check the chain that connects to the toilet flapper: If the chain is too short, the flapper will not close properly when the toilet tank is refilling, and that will cause a running toilet. 

Inspect the flapper: If the rubber parts are worn out, torn, or warped, you’ll need a replacement. 

Replace flush valve: If the water continues to overflow into the toilet bowl or the overflow is too short to prevent water flow, the whole flush valve will need a replacement. 

Fixing a Leaky Fill Valve 

The fill valve helps control water flow into the tank from the water supply by allowing water through until the float cup reaches the set level. A broken fill valve causes a non-stop flow of water into the overflow tube and the toilet will keep running. Your Houston commercial plumber will inspect the fill valve. If faulty, then you need a replacement. 

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