How Our Houston Commercial Plumbing Company Detects Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Keep your plumbing and building in prime condition with our leak detection Houston commercial plumbing services. Our expert plumbers use advanced methods to detect and find hidden leaks in your building’s plumbing.

Hidden leaks are incredibly common in drain lines and sewer lines. The problem with these leaks is that they can increase water consumption, utility costs, as well as cause damage to your building and its overall structure.

Natural gas piping can also leak, leading to potentially devastating consequences like health hazards, fires, and even death.

As your partner for commercial plumbing service, we work with you to find leaks and repair them before they cause these problems for your property. Our Houston commercial plumbing company uses various methods to find and locate plumbing leaks in commercial buildings of all types and sizes.

Some methods for commercial plumbing leak detection for water and gas lines include:

  • Visual Inspections: For plumbing that is accessible to our plumbers, we use visual inspections to look for signs of leaks or defects that may lead to leaks over time.
  • Camera Inspections: Camera inspections allow our team to look inside your pipes to look for signs of cracks and corrosion that can cause hidden leaks in your plumbing system.
  • Pressure Testing: Pressure tests involve using water or air inside the pipe to look for pressure drops that indicate a leak in the system. We also use pressure testing to isolate the location of a detected leak.
  • Water Use Audits: Sudden increases in water use are a common early sign of hidden leaks in your commercial plumbing system. We can help with these audits to determine if you may have a leak and need further leak detection testing from our plumbers.
  • Acoustic Leak Detection: With plumbing leaks hidden behind walls and under flooring, it’s almost impossible for the human ear to hear drips that indicate a plumbing leak. However, we can use advanced ultrasonic technology to look for sounds that might signal a leak in your plumbing.

If we detect a leak in your property, we provide quick repairs before the leaks turn into emergencies.

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Detecting and Locating Commercial Plumbing Leaks

Commercial properties can benefit from both regular and diagnostic plumbing leak detection for their buildings.

As part of our annual Houston commercial plumbing services, we can provide leak detection to test for any unknown leaks and repair them immediately to prevent unnecessary damage and emergency repairs. Getting plumbing leak detection at least once a year is the ideal way to find leaks and prevent major plumbing emergencies.

In addition, we also offer leak detection plumbing services for suspected leaks. If you notice low water pressure, dripping noises, and increased water use, then you may have a leak in your building’s plumbing. Our team of expert plumbers offers rapid response to your repair requests and can use leak detection methods to determine if there is a leak and pinpoint its location to reduce the amount of digging or drywall removal is needed to repair the leak.

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