Houston Multi-Family Plumbing Contractor for Clogs

Person trying to clear clogged sink drain and needs help from a Houston multi-family plumbing contractor
Get in touch with your Houston multi-family plumbing contractor if your tenants complain about frequent clogs.

When you have clogs in your apartment building’s plumbing, your Houston multi-family plumbing contractor can help. They should be your first call for clogs, as clogs can cause serious issues for your tenants and building. The good news is that your plumber can typically clear clogs quickly and easily. If your property suffers from frequent clogs, your plumber can also suggest things to do to prevent them in future. 

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Contact Your Houston Multi-Family Plumbing Contractor ASAP for Clogs

Once you get complaints of a clog, you need to contact your Houston multi-family plumbing contractor as soon as possible. This helps you get the clog taken care of quickly to prevent further issues. Your tenants will appreciate the speedy service and it can also prevent more serious issues. 

Plumbing clogs can happen in individual drain lines for each unit or even in the main sewer that serves the property. Both are serious issues that may cause problems quicker than you might think. Some signs of a clog include slow-moving drains, fixtures that won’t drain, as well as drain and sewer backups. 

Clogs are Dangerous and Damaging

The main issue with clogs is that they can cause a lot of damage and may even be dangerous to your tenants. Ignored clogs can eventually lead to breaks in the drain and sewer lines, which can cause leaks of gray and black water in the property. They may also cause the water and waste to come back up the drains. Both of these issues can cause major water damage and discoloration to not only the affected unit, but neighboring units. 

Of course, even if one tenant causes the clog that affects the units near them, those who didn’t cause the clog may be incredibly irritated. They may even question whether the property is well-maintained or if they should look for somewhere else to live. It’s an easy way to cause not only thousands of dollars in damage, but also potentially drive good tenants away from the property. 

Another issue is that sewage backups can expose tenants to harmful pathogens. Water and waste that goes down the drains in your property are generally contaminated with germs that can make people sick. The sooner you contact your Texas plumbing company to address clogs, the less likely that this will happen. 

Ask Your Houston Multi-Family Plumbing Contractor About Clog Prevention

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common common for multi-family communities to suffer from frequent clogs. There may be a few reasons for this, but usually it’s tenant misuse. This misuse may come from ignorance about what does and does not clog pipes or, in some cases, it may come from careless use, despite knowing the risks. Many believe that since the landlord is responsible for maintenance they’re not responsible for the clogs they create, though this may not be true depending on what the lease agreement says. 

Nevertheless, there are several minor improvements you can make to your property to prevent many clogs. Your Houston multi-family plumbing contractor can give you some tips based on the specific types of clogs you usually see. However, here are a few things you can try:

  • Remove the Garbage Disposals: Garbage disposals are convenient and designed to break up foods into small, drain-friendly pieces. However, many people abuse them by putting the wrong things down them or putting too much through the disposal at one time. So, it may be better to just remove them altogether. 
  • Install Drain Screens: Drain screens stop large foods and other solids from making their way down the drains, which can prevent many clogs. Having screens on all the sink drains is a great preventative measure. 
  • Educate Your Tenants: Do an email blast, tape printed notices to doors, or otherwise communicate some best practices for clog prevention, like never flushing disposable wipes and not putting grease down drains. 
  • Plumbing Maintenance: Getting regular maintenance from your Houston commercial plumber can also prevent clogs. For instance, routine hydro jetting can remove gunk that encourages clogs and even partial clogs that haven’t caused any symptoms yet.

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