Houston Commercial Plumber – Backflow Preventer Replacement

Backflow preventer that needs service from a Houston commercial plumber
Talk to your Houston commercial plumber about worn or damaged backflow preventers.

Your Houston commercial plumber is your best resource for keeping your backflow preventer in good shape. The health of your backflow prevention device is critical for your commercial property. Backflow is a serious problem that can cause major effects for everyone in your building, including illnesses. In some cases, we may be able to repair a malfunctioning backflow device. However, there are several instances where replacement is the better option. In this article, we’ll discuss signs that your backflow preventer has failed and some reasons it may need replacement instead of repairs. 

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Signs to Talk to Your Houston Commercial Plumber About Your Backflow Preventer

Your property’s backflow preventer helps prevent water and waste from flowing the opposite direction. Basically, sometimes pressure differences can cause the plumbing system to reverse, which can cause major issues for the system and for everyone inside the building. Most commercial buildings are required by law to have a backflow preventer device to stop these negative effects. Additionally, regular testing by your Houston commercial plumber is required by law. 

It’s also necessary to look out for signs of backflow preventer failure. This means that the backflow device has stopped working and no longer protects your property from backflow. Signs include:

  • Signs of water contamination:
    • Discolored water
    • Bad smelling water
    • Bad tasting water
    • Visible particles in water
  • Water pressure changes
  • Interrupted or slow water flow
  • Slow drainage
  • Unexplained illness outbreaks in your building
  • Leaks from the device

If you notice any of these issues at your property, then your backflow preventer needs immediate Houston commercial plumbing service

When Your Backflow Device Needs Replacement

When a backflow preventer fails, usually you have the choice between repairs or replacement. However, it’s important to choose the right option for the good of your property. Your Houston commercial plumber can help you determine the right course of action. There are some instances where replacement is the best option. 

For instance, you may need to replace your backflow device if it’s less expensive to replace than repair. This is common for older backflow preventers that may be discontinued and parts for repair are incredibly expensive and difficult to find. 

Additionally, smaller devices are often much easier to replace instead of repair. In most commercial buildings, backflow preventers are quite small, making it difficult to replace damaged or worn internal parts like seals and springs. They are also typically inexpensive parts, so your Houston commercial plumbing contractor may recommend replacement and may even have a replacement on hand. 

It’s also important to consider the age of the device. Like any other piece of your plumbing system, backflow preventers aren’t designed to last forever. They do have a service life that ends. If the device is near that point, then it’s usually better and more cost-effective in the long run to replace it, rather than repair it. 

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